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In the late 20th century, the Philips, OSRAM and GE were working hard on developing the metal halide lamp. According to the specialty of the lamp, the luminous flux of 50W metal halide lamp is above 4000lm, four times more than the halogen lamp. It is not necessary to be 50W, so at last people decide to use the 35W metal halide lamp. It is about 3 times more than the halogen lamp. However, it is impossible for the old equipment to manufacture the new lamp. So people have to research the new equipment and technology and choose the better raw and processed materials in order to measure up the standard that the lamp longevity should be more than 3000hrs (namely you don¡¯t need to change a bulb for 2 years). According to the research, people found that the xenon can emit 6000K bright light when discharging by itself, the effect of the lighting is 20lm/w. what is more, the discharged xenon has a strong infrared ray in its 1¦Ìm wavelength, as a result, it can heat up the discharge arc tube in a few seconds so that the temperature is up to 800¡æ, and then the metal halide lamp can be work well to satisfy the auto head lamp. In order to satisfy the instant start up again, people found that it needs 6 to 8 atmospheric pressure inside. Because after the light turning off, the temperature of the arc tube is down to 700¡æ in a second, and then the metal atom is changed to metal halide, keeping back the mercury steam and the xenon. They can form the lowest ignition pressure as a proper inverse proportion, and it can be lighting when adding the impulse high voltage instantly. This is the working theory of the metal halide lamp. 


In 1995, the community European issued the ECER99 according to the photo electricity parameter and the structure of the metal halide lamp providing by the Philips. As a result, it provided the rule of using the 35W xenon metal halide lamp in the car. From then on, people began to use the 35W xenon metal halide lamp as auto headlamp in Europe, it is very popular nowadays. The Japanese adopted the ECER99 as a standard; the IEC issued the standard according to the ECER99, our country is also considering the standard now. 


Metal halide lamp has many advantages as follows: power save, brightness, safety and longevity. As a result, it becomes very popular now; many cars in Europe and Japan use the lamp as headlamp. Now, it is about 80% in Japan and 60% in Europe using the lamp, it is increased by 13% one year. 


In china, more and more the new cars are using the metal halide lamp now. It is sure that the metal halide lamp will replace the halogen lamp at last.


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